Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review of Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Better Off Red

Originally submitted 4/15/2012

I'm not really dying to photograph my feet but after getting a brief mention in last week's review I felt Hot Ticket nail polish in Better Off Red deserved it's own review and photo. This is a basic red cream color, no shimmer. The color is just right; not too orangey or too dark red.

I am also updating Better Off Red's rating to 5 of 5 stars! Why, you ask? 

  • Longevity: I applied this to my toes 15 days ago and I am stunned to report NO chips, cracks or fading!
  • Application: this polish went on really smooth and creamy and impressively opaque after one coat. This isn't always the case with a cream shade.
  • Dry time: Both coats dried quickly and had a shiny finish.
  • Variety of colors
In my last post I mentioned that The Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff line has been my go-to nail polishes. I think I own more than 30 of them and had been hoarding them because the line is discontinued. In general, Teflon Tuff had always worn the longest on natural nails without touch ups. However, I applied a Teflon Tuff color to my fingernails and noticed dulling, cracking and fading around the tips of my nails after 3 days. I used the same base and top coats with Better Off Red on my toes as I did with the Teflon Tuff on my hands.

After reviewing Goldfinger and Better Off Red I am thrilled that I was able to purchase them for $10 along with three other colors. Each polish retails for $10 each.

Be sure to check out thebalm and Hot Ticket nail polish at!

This review represents my own opinion. I was not paid or given any products to test for this review.

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