Sunday, September 9, 2012

Most Wanted List 8/19/2012

1.  Silk 'N Flash & Go or SensEpil Intense Pulsed Light in-home hair remover.  I am dying for one of these and may wait until the holidays to purchase.  I like to buy bigger ticket items through Sephora to ensure my status as a VIB each year.  I've researched the Silk 'N products and think I'd prefer them over the Tria Laser mostly because it seems more cost effective to buy replacement bulbs with Silk'N than replace the entire Tria as it doesn't have replacement heads.  Also the size of the treatment area on the Tria is much smaller than on either of the Silk'N products.  Flash & Go offers a 4cm head and the SensEpil has a 6cm head.

2.  Simply because it's new and offers new features, I want the Clarisonic Aria.

3.  Urban Decay Naked, Naked II and Smoked eyeshadow palettes.  I know, where have I been?  I don't even own the original Naked palette, but if you saw my eyeshadow collection you'd understand why I haven't dropped $$$ on these items.  Still lusting after them!

4. theBalm's Nude 'Tude eyeshadow palette.  I don't own this yet due to same reason in 3 above.  I love the consistency, wear and intensity of theBalm's eyeshadows and can't wait to own this palette.

5. A train case.  I was pretty close to purchasing one last year, I think it was a big Make Up For Ever kit that included cosmetics inside the train case but I decided I'd be better off applying that $$$ towards the vacation fund instead.  Any suggestions on a good train case?

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