Sunday, May 10, 2015

aVo Essentials 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

I received a large 4 oz bottle of pure lavender essential oil to try from aVo Essentials. 

Over the past month I've really enjoyed using it in a number of different ways. I've made a calming room spray, linen spray, natural insect repellant and natural baby wipes.

I love that the bottle is so generous and that it comes with a glass dropper for easy measuring. It makes it so much easier to mix up all of the ingredients for my various concoctions while being careful; essential oils can be strong and without a dropper you can quickly use too much. 

I also appreciate that the product is 100% pure. With all of the different essential oils available online it can be hard to know if you are buying 100% pure essential oil. aVo says their lavender plants are grown without using pesticides, herbicides or other harmful additives. aVo also uses Bulgarian lavender which many consider to be sweeter and smoother than other lavender plants. I certainly agree that aVo's lavender oil smells light, sweet and fresh. 

It is available on and is a great value at $18.49 for the 4 oz. bottle.