Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pink Changing Pad Cover 2-pack

I had a chance to try and review a 2-pack of Pink Changing Pad Covers by Ziggy Baby. They were sent to me free of charge for my unbiased opinion.

These changing pad covers are available at at this link

I like that the covers come in a 2-pack and that they are contemporary designs.  The fabric is a soft cotton jersey.  I washed them before use according to the package instructions.  

Once I put them on my changing pad I wished they were a bit more generous in size.  They seemed a bit tight and really just fit my standard size changing pad.  Also I feel that the fabric is a bit too thin as it looks a little sheer once on the changing pad.  I was really looking forward to using these covers because I like to have a changing pad cover for summer months that is not minky fabric but I think the sizing and fabric are just a bit off for what I was looking for.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jammy Jams Pop Goes Lullaby 6

I love the Jammy Jams CDs.  As a parent bedtime can be very rewarding as well as very frustrating if your baby won't go to sleep.  There's a lot of repeating stories and lullabies and it really helps to have Jammy Jams music on hand because they are the lullaby/children's instrumental versions of your favorite songs.

Jammy Jams recently sent me the download of their Pop Goes Lullaby 6 for free for my honest feedback.  They already have their version of Adele's Hello out in this collection.  I wasn't necessarily familiar with all of the pop song in this collection but enjoyed listening to the Jammy Jams version. 

I have a few other Jammy Jams CDs and have to say that U2 is my hands down favorite.  I also enjoy their Aerosmith, Journey and Hip Hop Goes Lullaby collections.  

Check out Jammy Jams for yourself.  You can buy direct from them here or find them on and iTunes.

I received this digital download to review for my honest opinions.