Tuesday, July 7, 2015

iPhone 6 Plus Flip Case with Mirror

I have recently been using the Abacus 24-7 iPhone 6 Plus Flip Case with Mirror.  Sometimes I like a case that keeps the face of the phone accessible and other times I prefer to use a case that is more protective and that offers more features like this one.  This type of case is especially appealing to me in the summer when I am spending more time outdoors and need more protection for my phone. 

In general I think this is a great case for the price.  I like that it closes with an invisible magnet and stays closed when I want it to.  The interior case that actually holds the phone is a great fit, with ample access to volume buttons, charging port, headphone jack and power button. There is also a hole in the back for the camera.  It is easy to prop up the phone so the case acts as a stand for charging or watching video.  It is a well made case and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Although I appreciated that they were there, I didn't find myself keeping credit cards in the card flap nor did I find the need to use the mirror under the card flap although I realize this could be a personal preference.  I would much prefer if there was camera cut out on the front flap as well because I would like to fold the case back to take photos and videos.  If you fold the front flap back it blocks the camera.  I would have also appreciated a wrist strap.  

I do think this case is of good quality and is offered at a great price but I take a lot of photos and found myself holding the case awkwardly to make it work.  This case might be perfect for someone who does not take a lot of photos and wants to leave their wallet at home.  

I purchased this case for a discounted price for my honest and unbiased feedback.  

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