Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thai Deodorant Stone

I was very skeptical about this and deodorant crystals in general but I was wrong. I remember using a different deodorant crystal when I was in college but I don't think I was applying it correctly. I have been through just about every natural deodorant there is to buy and I have also made my own. They are all convincing with their explanations of ingredients but they don't work. I'm not a particularly sweaty or smelly person but I shower at night. Using all natural deodorants including the ones I made would leave me with the slightest hint of stink when I woke up. Not to mention burnt skin from baking soda. And a house full of beeswax, kaolin clay, essential oils etc. This is why I was suspicious of the Thai Deodorant Stone but I gave it a try. It kind of smells unpleasant itself but the smell does not transfer to the skin. I either wet it under the faucet or apply it while I'm still wet from the shower. The trick is to apply it in a much larger area than you'd typically apply traditional deodorant and to make sure to cover the area with several passes over. I haven't noticed a bit of stink at all even after exercising. I don't smell like anything. I reapply it in the morning as a just in case but have never had breakthrough stink overnight. I love it and hope it continues to work forever.

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